Fair Expo Center

Main Entrance Building

This tropically designed main entrance to the entire Fair Expo Center® leads to an expansive entrance plaza and contains a collection of rooms that are perfect for training sessions, meetings or conferences.

In this structure, there are two floors with four separate room areas ranging in size from 1,000 to 1,650 square feet. These areas are interconnected by stairs, elevators and an (second floor) indoor catwalk, which allows secure transfer of funds from the 28 enclosed ticket windows below.

Kitchen facilities, restrooms and all amenities are easily accessible to each room. Fifty acres of parking are immediately adjacent to this facility.

  Dimension Square Feet Approx. Capacity
South Sector32' x 52'1,664 sq.ft. 110
2nd Floor32' x 52'1,664 sq.ft.110
North Sector25' x 40' 1,000 sq.ft. 66
2nd Floor32' x 52'1,664 sq.ft.110
Floor Load 125 psf
Lighting Fluorescent
Arnold Hall and Reilly ColiseumArnold Hall and Reilly Coliseum

Upcoming Events in Main Entrance Building