For The Community


Who sets up 58,000 student exhibits every year at The Youth Fair?

Who operates three First Aid stations on the Fairgrounds to assure the comfort and safety of our guests?

Behind the scenes is a force of 800+ volunteers who donate more than 86,000 hours every year.

At least 120 volunteers crew the First Aid stations, tending to guests with conditions as varied as scraped knees, sunburns and tummy aches. These are nurses, paramedics, doctors, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and others with American Red Cross First Responder certification – all putting their medical training into action when called.

At the exhibit halls, dedicated volunteers coordinate, check in and set up displays for a mountain of submissions by 28,000 students. The multitude of categories includes agriculture projects, crafts, fine arts and academic achievements.

The result: Smiles from students who can show off their achievements to family, friends and the more than 612,000 other guests visiting the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair.

Tom Cummings is a 30-year volunteer who oversees Technology Education exhibits. The category, formerly named the industrial arts, encompasses such projects as 3-D dragster design and racing, robotics, aviation and aerospace, wood and metal works, and drafting, all competing with the most advance methods.

"Really, it's all about showcasing the kids and the excitement it brings when teachers take awards back to their schools," said Cummings, whose day job is instructional supervisor of the industrial arts for Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

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